Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Jackie's VIP Grooming, Ontario, St. Catharines

Hair Cuts for Small to X-Large Dogs • Lion Cuts for Cats • Full Grooms or Tidy-up Grooms • Creative Grooming • Professional Shampoos & Grooming Products • Ask about our Loyalty Program


*NOTICE - CAT APPOINTMENTS*. ALL cat appointments require a credit card or $60 cash deposit. No charges will be applied to your credit card unless the appointment is missed or cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment. Deposits can be made in person with cash or over the phone with credit card. The full amount of your deposit will be directly applied to your credit card on file and cash deposit lost if the appropriate notice has not been given. Thank you for your understanding.
Jackie's VIP Grooming, Ontario, St. Catharines

For more information on pricing and services please contact Jackie’s today!

For an estimate, please call 905-329-8076
• All Breed Hair Cuts
• Nail Trimming
• Ear Trimming
• Ear Plucking and cleaning
• Bathing
• Medicated Shampoos
• Creative grooming
• Non-toxic Hair Dying
• Cuts & Lion Cuts for Cats
• De-matting
• Brush-Outs
• Nail Trimming

No-show Policy for Dogs

All grooming appointments made will follow up with an Email and/or Text reminder and confirmation two days prior to your appointment. We appreciate your confirmations! If you are unable to make your appointment please call, text or email us so we can accommodate to your schedule better.

All appointments are subject to a $25 no show policy. If you DO NOT show up for you pets scheduled appointment you will be required to pay $25 fee before booking your next grooming appointment.

Late Pick Up Policy for Dogs

At VIP Grooming we ask 2-4 hours time to properly and safely groom your pet. Your dog's well being and happiness is our priority!

We ask that all pets be picked up within 30 minutes of being called or texted. A late pick up fee of $10 for every 15 minutes past pick up time will be applied to your dog's grooming package. If you require more than 30 minutes notice for pick up, please let us know at time of booking or drop off so we can do our best to accommodate you to avoid any extra fees.


Cut: $60/hour
Wash, brush and Blowouts: $50/ hour
*nail trimming included in all grooming packages


$60 1/4 hour
*nail trimming included
Brush-outs: $30 1/4 hour
Nail Trim: $10
(Cats booked on Wednesday Mornings and 2nd Saturday of every month)

Exclusive VIP Offers​

Specialty Shampoos $5 to $10
Shed-less Packages start at $20
Feather Extensions: $5
Temporary Tattoo: $5
Nail Polish: $10-$20
Nail Grinding: $5
Hair Dye: Starting At $10
Bling gems: $1
Bow Tie: $5
Bows: $1

Express Grooming(Pet parent Stay)
$10 flat rate on top of grooming fee, per appointment